High Purity Standards from Inorganic Ventures

At Inorganic Ventures, we stand by our high purity standards. Registered as an ISO 9001 company and recognized as holders of ISO 17025 and ISO 17034 accreditations, our customers can trust the high purity standards of our products and the services that we proudly promote.

Possessing the necessary knowledge and resources to manufacture almost any inorganic certified reference material (CRM), we have built a reputation for highly purified solutions. Catering for applications in ICP, ICP-MS, IC, atomic absorption, wet chemistry, and QC, custom standards and our team’s reliability in replicating them has become our specialty.


An Overall Achievement of High Purity

Through a combination of lab-based developments and continued consultation with a new type of ambitious and creative customer who demands elite manufacturing processes, we found that the current day requirements are increasingly leaning-towards custom-made standards.

Our new customer base and production partners were all eagerly searching for ways to ensure the highest level of quality and the lowest ever levels of impurity. Through the collaborative approach of our in-house colleagues and industry experts, as well as an inclination to listen intently to our customers’ specifications, we were able to restructure existing substance solutions to arrive at a more stable, easily reproducible, mixture containing higher concentrations. We achieved all this without any reduction in the quality of the end product.

Evidence of Experimental Evolution

Our team of researchers has repeatedly been pressured to see if they can modify and elevate the existing purity levels of existing high purity standards. Not only has the purity of our standards been significantly strengthened but our capacity to fulfill larger orders or less common, specialist materials in a shorter space of time has been instrumental in our incremental growth.

Our experimental and procedural breakthroughs have allowed us to branch out and break into previously untouched areas of business and industries outside of the analytical testing field. Meeting the demands of textile applications, in addition to our existing chemical processing markets, has made our scope of service much wider and diverse.

Techniques for Impurity Testing

As further proof of authenticity and as a clear inventory of a standard’s contents, at Inorganic Ventures, we adopt the IV Trace Metallic Impurity (TMI) test program to confirm traces of various materials present in the material, particularly metals.

Owing to our ongoing passion for the discovery of unparalleled high purity standards, our specialist researchers continually strive for innovation in terms of meeting new and existing standards that add untold value to your workflows. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.

For more information, read our full study into our high-purity standards

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