Chemistry Resources for Lab Techs and Spectroscopists

Inorganic Ventures' online technical library has been expanding for over a decade. Topics include ICP operations, sample preparation, trace metals analysis, and much more.

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Interactive Periodic Table

Entries for each element, with details like storage and handling recommendations, chemical compatibility, and stability data intended specifically for use in spectroscopy.

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Technical Questions Forum

Whether you need detailed assistance or quick troubleshooting, the team at Inorganic Ventures is here to help with this searchable database. Can’t find what you need? Send us an email!

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Technical Videos

Questions about our science or our products? Our PhDs break it down for you in a series of brief videos.

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ICP Operations Guide

A must-have guide for anyone operating and preparing samples and standards for measurement using ICP-MS and ICP-OES.

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Sample Preparation Guide

Our sample preparation guide provides specific, highly-detailed information about certain elements in regard to sample preparation.

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Trace Analysis Guide

An essential resource for trace analysts at any experience level, written by Paul Gaines, Ph.D.

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Periodic Table Guide

The Periodic Table for ICP Users Guide provides essential data for 70+ elements for every ICP user, including: chemical compatibilities, preferred emission lines, as well as major interferences and detection limits for both ICP and ICP-MS.

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Instrument Cross Reference Guide

Our cross-reference guide provides a quick key to Inorganic Ventures’ part numbers to match the CRMs for your specific instrument.

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Guides and Papers

We believe that sharing knowledge lifts the scientific community as a whole. We hope you find this information helpful.

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TCT Information

Inorganic Ventures is committed to ensuring the accuracy of your CRMs, regardless of shipping or storage conditions. Learn more about the value of our industry-leading packaging technique.

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Learn more about our extraordinary technical team.

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Fun for Chemists

If you’re looking for a laugh, check out our chemistry jokes and riddles!

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Links for Chemists

Professional organizations and associations, as well as EPA resources and other useful links.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions we get asked a lot.

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