Inorganic Standards

Certified Reference Materials

With innovative technology and techniques developed over more than three decades in business, Inorganic Ventures’ certified reference materials (CRMs) allow your laboratory to generate accurate and reproducible data using reliable standards. As an ISO 17034 accredited CRM manufacturer with standards in laboratories all over the world, you can have the utmost confidence that Inorganic Ventures’ certified reference materials offer the highest level of quality assurance, accuracy and traceability.


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Certificates of Analysis

Nearly every standard we make includes a highly detailed Certificate of Analysis that proves the accuracy of the reference material. As a tri-tier ISO registered manufacturer, our certificates include extensive data to meet the quality prerequisites of any laboratory. Sample »

Standards are traceable to specific NIST SRMs and lots.

Certified Values
Values are based on two independent methods.

Trace Impurities
Impurities are always listed with the actual values.

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