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do you have any standard for the total suspended solid test?
Posted: 12/29/20 09:54:07
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Calculation to convert ICP-OES Silicon results to Silica
We analyze for Silicon via ICP-OES in aqueous matrices and perform a calculation to convert the Silicon result determined from the instrument into a Silica result. I want to confirm that the calculation we are using for the conversion is accurate. Can you provide me with the calculation your experts would recommend?
Posted: 11/30/20 10:56:02
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Preparing working calibration standards
Testing out the tech forum: I would like tips on preparing your working calibration standards
Posted: 12/09/20 11:30:48
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Antimony count unstable in ICP-OES
Instrument: ICP-OES Wavelength: Sb206.834 and Sb217.582 Product: CGSB1-125ml LOT# N2-SB665459 and P2-SB676727 the intensity of 1 and 10ppm Antimony solution from IV increased gradually when repeat injection from same solution. others element are fine. Inorganic Ventures 10ppm in Matrix is 0.07N + 0.8%HNO3 Inorganic Ventures 1ppm in Matrix is 0.07N + 0.08%HNO3 LOT# N2-SB665459 Trial 1: 2256 Trial 2: 2415 Trial 3: 2633 Trial 4: 2858 Trial 5: 3070 Trial 6: 3260 Trial 7: 3376 Trial 8: 3520 LOT# P2-SB676727 Trial 1: 2525 Trial 2: 2826 Trial 3: 3035 Trial 4: 3262 Trial 5: 3394 Trial 6: 3496 Trial 7: 3564 Trial 8: 3605
Posted: 02/25/20 08:42:15
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Matrix of Inorganic Standards
Will there be any difference in results if let's say, I use a inorganic standard that was previously prepared in 8% HNO3 vs the same inorganic standard but prepared in matrix 5% HNO3 ?
Posted: 10/30/20 04:16:07