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Struggling with Analyte recory and accuracy for Primary lead impurities by ICP-OES
I am currently trying to develop a method for determining impurities in primary lead and recycled secondary lead. I have been struggling to get good recovery for my elements the current method of digestion used involves using Nitric Acid, perchloric acid and precipitating out of lead using hydrochoric Acid. I used a CRM as a sample and i was not getting the expected concentrations for my Elements. I dont
Posted: 09/26/19 06:29:33
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Elemental Impurities in Sodium Hydroxide
Test of elemental impurities in sodium hydroxide pellets according to ICH Q3D.
Posted: 10/01/19 08:05:53
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Digesting an organic with Os Spike
Alternative to oxidizing-acid digestion
Posted: 09/13/19 08:59:10
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Stabilizing Si with HF and acid digestions
I recently ordered a 1000 ppm standard of SiO2 for testing on my MP-AES. The label on the standard says there is trace amounts of hydrofluoric acid; does this help the Si stay in solution? If so, are you aware of how accurate an acid digestion for Si would be without the use of HF?
Posted: 09/06/18 22:19:12