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Sample preparation of cement using fused bead for ICP
in ur application XRF VS ICP for concrete metals u have given a sample preparation using fused bead and then dissolving in Dilute nitric acid, i wanted to know whether the sample dissolves completely in the dil nitric acid or do you get some insoluble for that and then u filter to inject in ICP ?
Posted: 11/13/19 14:23:18
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Acceptance limits for water QC standards
We have recently purchased QCP-DMD have some questions regarding the certified values and the acceptance limits stated on the Certificate of Analysis. The certified value for the BOD is 154 ±3 and the acceptance limits are 109-199, Can you please explain why the acceptance limits so wide (30%)? We have checked the standard via the COD value and are getting figures at nearly the nominal value so the standard seems ok.. we would just would like to have an explanation of the acceptance limits.
Posted: 11/12/19 14:47:11
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How is IV dealing with delayed supply of NIST SRM 3144

We have been attempting to purchase NIST SRM 3144 to support Rh analysis for the past few months. Finally, NIST have provided a response to say that this will be out of stock, most likely until Feb 2020. How is IV managing with the lack of SRM availability?

Posted: 08/19/19 14:59:40
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Digesting an organic with Os Spike
I am developing a method for a 24 ICH metal analysis of Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose.  I cannot get Os spikes to recover and I understand it is because we are microwave digesting the sample in HNO3.  From everything I've read on your site and others, the problem is osmium tetroxide formation.  However, the only thing that's going to digest the sample is an oxidizing acid (as far as I know).  I'm sure HClO4 or H2SO4 will be just as detrimental.  I can't get it into solution with just HCl.  Everyone says use an HCl matrix with Os but how do you reconcile that with a need to spike and then digest?  I can't digest in nitric and then dilute in HCl because the sample must be spiked before any preparation steps.  Thanks for any assitance!   Dan
Posted: 11/12/19 13:13:37
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How many mL of 1ppm gold (AuCl3) should I add to stablize Hg
How many mL of 1 ppm of gold (as AuCl3) should I add to 100mL of sample to stabilize Hg?
Posted: 10/18/19 19:25:07