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Dissolving Rh with Sodium Perchlorate
I recently asked a question about dissolving Rh and now want to try one of the methods with sodium perchlorate. The bottle i have says to store and handle under inert gas and this wasn't mentioned in the method. Can you give me anymore information about moving forward with this procedure? I am wanting to dissolve a 1 gram sample. How much HCL and how much Sodium Perchlorate should be added?
Posted: 02/10/20 12:53:59
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Acceptance limits for water QC standards
We have recently purchased QCP-DMD have some questions regarding the certified values and the acceptance limits stated on the Certificate of Analysis. The certified value for the BOD is 154 ±3 and the acceptance limits are 109-199, Can you please explain why the acceptance limits so wide (30%)? We have checked the standard via the COD value and are getting figures at nearly the nominal value so the standard seems ok.. we would just would like to have an explanation of the acceptance limits.
Posted: 11/12/19 14:47:11
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Photometry and spectroscopy using IRAF and Pyraf
I have some large amount of fits files which I have to reduce(bias, flat, dark, and removal of cosmics) and then do photometry(both aperture and psf) and spectroscopy ( I know all the stuff of how to use iraf and do photometry and spectroscopy. I want to write some script in python which can automate the stuff to a reasonable extent. Can anyone suggest me some website or way how to write some script (in python) using iraf tasks like daophot , apall, apphot, imexam etc. so that I can do my work relatively faster.
Posted: 12/03/19 12:35:29
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Antimony count unstable in ICP-OES
Instrument: ICP-OES Wavelength: Sb206.834 and Sb217.582 Product: CGSB1-125ml LOT# N2-SB665459 and P2-SB676727 the intensity of 1 and 10ppm Antimony solution from IV increased gradually when repeat injection from same solution. others element are fine. Inorganic Ventures 10ppm in Matrix is 0.07N + 0.8%HNO3 Inorganic Ventures 1ppm in Matrix is 0.07N + 0.08%HNO3 LOT# N2-SB665459 Trial 1: 2256 Trial 2: 2415 Trial 3: 2633 Trial 4: 2858 Trial 5: 3070 Trial 6: 3260 Trial 7: 3376 Trial 8: 3520 LOT# P2-SB676727 Trial 1: 2525 Trial 2: 2826 Trial 3: 3035 Trial 4: 3262 Trial 5: 3394 Trial 6: 3496 Trial 7: 3564 Trial 8: 3605
Posted: 02/25/20 08:42:15
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ICP-MS Sample introduction
Hi, we have an ICP-MS 7800 and was running normally until a routine service was done. Nebulizer and chamber were cleaned by following Agilent Instructions. When we started the instrument an error appeared indicating poor sensitivity. We prepared new tune solution (1ppb) and check masses, but the problem persist. No leaks were detected. Your guidance will be appreciated.
Posted: 02/06/20 16:06:56