Anion Standards for Ion Chromatography

Inorganic Ventures is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of high-class certified reference materials (CRMs) for analytical and preparative chemistry. Though off-the-shelf standards are often suitable for system calibration in certain applications, we specialize in the development of custom standards designed to meet specific end-user objectives. Whether you need single-element reference materials for inductively-coupled plasma (ICP) spectroscopy or multi-anion standards for ion chromatography, we can supply fully-traceable solutions that meet your exact specifications.

Anion standards are finely-tuned control materials used for quality assurance and control (QA/QC) purposes in ion chromatography. At Inorganic Ventures, we offer a suite of made-to-order anion standard solutions in single- and multi-anion formats at specific, user-defined concentrations.

Using Anion Standards for IC

Ion chromatography, or ion-exchange chromatography, is an industry-trusted analytical method used to separate solvents into their individual components. Samples are pumped into a chromatographic column containing an ion-exchange medium, which separates the different ionic species within the sample based on inherent physicochemical properties. A detector monitors the rate of elution from the column and calculates the retention time of each separated species to determine precise ionic concentrations.

This method is routinely employed to measure the concentration of common anions in various solvent types, including:

  • Chloride (CL-)
  • Fluoride (F-)
  • Nitrate (NO3-)
  • Nitrite (NO2-)
  • Sulfate (SO₄²-)
  • Lactate (C3H6O3)
  • Glutarate (C₃H₆(COOH)₂)

Reagent-grade CRMs are essential for anion determination with samples of unknown composition, and they enable more powerful concentration analysis at the sub-parts per million (ppm) range and trace levels. Using an anion standard like CN-1000-25-20ML, for example, users can calibrate ion chromatography systems for critical applications like testing cyanides in drinking water to characterize potential toxicity. Bromide (Br) anion standards like ICBR1-125ML, meanwhile, are useful for QA/QC in chromatographic screenings of flowback water samples.

High-purity single anion standards are useful for a range of applications but testing often requires CRMs composed of multiple anions to ensure accurate results when characterizing a full sample spectrum.

Anion Standards from Inorganic Ventures

At Inorganic Ventures, we develop custom anion standards that are fully traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) certifications. All of our off-the-shelf and custom-made CRMs are engineered for stability and ease of use for actual operators. If you would like to learn more about our tailormade anion standards for ion chromatography applications, simply contact a member of the Inorganic Ventures team today.

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