Single Element Standards from Inorganic Ventures

Inorganic Ventures specializes in the development and supply of high-purity single element standards for precision analytical chemistry. With unrivaled expertise in the synthesis of custom certified reference materials (CRMs) based on a choice of underlying elements and matrices, we are one of the go-to providers of key single element calibration standards for a wide range of sample preparation objectives.

While we stock an extensive range of ready-made multi and single element standards, our core strength lies in adapting our solutions to your specifications. This commitment to providing elemental standards that match key customer objectives is fundamental to how we help our customers elevate their sample preparation protocols to greater levels of quality.

Applications of Single Element Standards

As we offer an extremely broad range of single-element standards based primarily on metallic and rare-earth minerals, one of our core markets is analytical inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS).

ICP-MS is renowned for being able to detect and precisely quantify metals at trace and ultra-trace levels. Using an extremely high-temperature plasma torch to atomize liquid samples, and an integrated mass detector, ICP-MS systems are ideal for metal speciation and various other elemental analyses based on metallic and mineralogical samples.

The exceptional sensitivity of ICP-MS is dependent upon routine calibration and unerring attention to quality assurance (QA) in sample preparation stages. Single element standards based on key metals of interest, which are also fully-traceable to NIST regulations, are often essential to protecting the quality of results over the long-term.

A single element standard based on aluminum, for instance, may be used to generate a specific calibration curve that sets the benchmark for subsequent concentration analyses of sample materials. This can help eliminate discrepancies in a wide range of important testing situations, from incoming materials inspection to alloy verification. The same principles apply to various other spectroscopic techniques, such as atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS).

About Inorganic Ventures Single Element Standards

Our single element standards are all comprised of high-purity starter elements dispersed in low volumes of an acidic or metallic matrix. We offer four primary concentration levels as standard; 10, 100, 1,000, or 10,000 micrograms per milliliter (μg/mL) – though custom concentrations are available upon request.

We can also offer insights into using our single element standards as starter materials for custom-made blends. If you would like more information about this, or simply wish to discuss specific single element standards in more depth, contact a member of the Inorganic Ventures team today.



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