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July 2016 Newsletter

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ICP Conference "Getting Back to the Basics" full agenda released

September 20, 2016

Returning for a second year inside the Inn at Virginia Tech this September, the Inorganic Ventures' ICP Conference is the only intensive one-day event focused exclusively on ICP techniques.

This year's agenda was planned by you, take a look!

The 'Getting Back to Basics' theme guiding the 2nd Annual ICP Conference was developed in direct response to your questions and survey responses. We've gathered our team of experts, including Inorganic Ventures' Senior Technical Advisor and CEO, Dr. Paul Gaines, for presentations ranging from Sample Preparation Basics and Calibration Techniques, to Trace Metals Analysis and tackling Tough Sample Measurements.

Registration is open now and room is limited, so don't hesitate any longer and sign up today! 

Stop By and Meet Us!

We enjoy chatting with you through email, but would love to meet you in person! Inorganic Ventures is attending the 22nd Annual Good Laboratory Practice Conference on July 25 & 26, in Charlottesville, Virginia. On Tuesday the 26th, our very own Dr. Brian Alexander will deliver an informative presentation on 200.7: Multi - Element Standards for ICP.

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Guides & Papers

Group 9 - Rh 

Rhodium is the third of the six platinum group metals (PGMs -Ru, Os, Rh, Ir, Pd and Pt) to be addressed in this series. Rh is very rare and is found only in platinum ores.  Most of the world’s Rh comes from South Africa where ~75% of the world’s ~3 metric tons/year production occurs. Mining strikes can and do influence the availability and price of Rh as did the 2014 platinum miners' strike.

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Ask The Experts


Are alkaline solutions (pH ~13) impossible or highly impractical in ICP-MS applications? I have had several inquiries in my lab about this topic and I can find very few references in the literature.


Running alkaline solutions through a ICP-MS is certainly possible, assuming that the sample introduction system is compatible with high pH solutions. Glass sample introduction systems should be avoided if possible due to alkaline attack of silicates. If the high pH values are due to common bases such as sodium/potassium hydroxides or organic compounds, then potential interferences from metals (Na, K) could be a concern as well as issues with carbon buildup on cones, etc. 



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