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How we flex to your specs

We flex to your specs
, our company motto, doesn't just apply to our custom capabilities. We work hard to flex to your specs in everything we do. From rush manufacturing to adaptive pricing, our mission is to EXCEED your expectations.

But don't take our word for it...

We appreciate the excellent service that we routinely get from Inorganic Ventures.  When standards have to absolutely be as accurate as humanly possible, we know we can count on Inorganic Ventures to make it right.

— Bob Pultz

When they say "We flex to your specs," they aren't kidding! Inorganic Ventures custom-made products for us that exceeded our expectations and were as well thought out, unique, and innovative as our mercury analyzers. And the cost was less than off-the-shelf products from their competitors!

Philip Dufresne - Cleveland, OH

Inorganic Ventures flexes to my specs by providing quality products time and time again. The quality of their service is also exceptional. There's always a "live" person when you call (very important!) and I always get a response to my inquiries either by phone or e-mail. With your level of quality in products and service, I think you've become the NORDSTROM of the "Standards" industry.

Sally Gemora - Hayward, CA

Over the last ten years, we have had a few problems with some second source venders, but never from Inorganic Ventures. We actually have Inorganic Ventures' Declaration of Integrity hanging up on our bulletin board in our office as a reminder for ourselves to provide the highest quality of service. We wouldn't think of switching to another vender.

James Piper - Mechanicsburg, PA

We just recently started to replace more of our single ICP-MS standards with Inorganic Ventures' standards. I was very reluctant to change vendors, but we have been passing Performance Evaluation studies and QC standards. We have been very happy with the results and the cost of the solutions have been very competitive.

Mary Ann Long - San Luis Obispo, CA

We're very pleased to be able to use Inorganic Ventures' A2LA accredited pH solutions for our Master standards. We're an A2LA accredited metrology lab and it vital to our organization and scope that we use accredited vendors whenever possible. Thank you Inorganic Ventures for your products and support.

Janice San Miguel - Milwaukee, WI

Inorganic Ventures gives us fast, reliable service with stock and custom standards. Your customer representatives are ALWAYS courteous and friendly. Additionally, your standards and QC are always high quality. And it is never a problem to speak with your top technicians. Thank you for your prompt, courteous, friendly, and reliable service.

Jeff Graham - Hattiesburg, MS

We'll question any analysis that we determine to be outside of the norm. But we never question the ICP standards we receive from Inorganic Ventures. Thanks for supplying a quality product at a fair price.

Kevin Campbell - Rock Hill, SC

For custom-mixed standards, I tell Inorganic Ventures want I want, and they make it happen. I trust their expertise when it comes to putting compatible elements together. They give me the highest quality product at the best price.

David Johnson - Muskegon, MI

Inorganic Ventures has been flexible in providing us custom-blended ICP standards for about ten years. You have even reported the concentrations in a different format that suits our needs and makes it much easier for our analysts. Thank you for being so flexible.

Floyd Myers - Blacksbury, SC

Inorganic Ventures never fails to produce a quality product with excellent technical support. In addition to utilizing your off-the-shelf standards for IC and AA, our laboratory also utilizes custom ICP-MS standards. Aside from your usual exceptional quality, you package these 250 mL volumes in two 125 mL packages for ultimate convenience and efficiency at no extra cost. We wouldn't use anyone else!

Jo Holcomb - Grand Junction, CO

One thing that Inorganic Ventures never fails at is a timely delivery. When I, or any of my associates, place an order – whether it be via telephone or internet – it is received normally within 1-2 business days. I wish more companies had quick turnaround like that!

Susan Hogan - La Verne, CA

Inorganic Ventures has stepped up to the plate and have been one of the few vendors I've worked with that completely does what they promise. We have been very happy with the custom products and the people that service them. Please keep up the great work!

Christopher Gilmer - Rochester, MN

I want to express my appreciation for all that Inorganic Ventures does for our lab. All of the individuals I have ever worked with there have been absolutely wonderful and have made our experiences very positive. My thanks to everyone at Inorganic Ventures for the dedication to the quality of your products and your customer service. We definitely look forward to our continued relationship.

Darcy Fjosne - Rochester, MN

Inorganic Ventures' helpful staff is always ready to fulfill any standard requirement we have. Custom-made standards are never a problem. Delivery time is always prompt with no mistakes.

Gabriel Infantino - Syracuse , NY

Inorganic Ventures has always done a fantastic job at providing custom standards for us. They've provided custom calibration standards quickly and those standards have always been reliable. We haven't had any contamination problems or any wrong concentrations.

Todd Smith - University Park, IL

I use Inorganic ventures because you guys are simply the best. Your standard sets are exactly what I need and Dr. Gaines' advice has made me a better spectroscopist. I tell everyone I know about your quality and service.

Jonathan Barnhill - Shreveport, LA

Upon submitting an order for a standard to Inorganic Ventures, it was found that the supplier to Inorganic Ventures had passed on a very large price increase. Rather than charging our company the highly inflated price, Inorganic Ventures instead provided our company with an alternate source through which to purchase the standard.

J. Benjamin - Calgary, AB

Inorganic Ventures provides high quality single element standards for our use as a second source. We have never had anything but great standards and service from you guys!

Christy Van Campen - Arvada, CO

Inorganic Ventures has always made the custom solutions we need in our lab. There has never been a mix they haven't been able to make, from a Varian-ICP tuning solution, to our own custom blend of metals at our requested concentrations. Thanks Inorganic Ventures!

James Lovick - South Bend, IN

Inorganic Ventures has always responded quickly, professionally and most importantly, accurately, to any request I've ever made. They've created standards and packaged them to meet my laboratory requirements. I go to them first for all my standards.

Sarah Morris - Grand Junction, CO

Inorganic Ventures has been a super-dependable source of our custom calibration standards for ICP-MS. Whenever we have had chemical compatibility questions, Dr. Gaines has spent time carefully and thoroughly responding to these questions. The result is that we have a succinct set of custom standards that are efficient to use, dependable and long-lasting. Inorganic Ventures is a big part of backing up our company motto: "Numbers you can count on."

Jeff Yoshimoto - Sparks, NV

I run multi-analyte metal samples for a wastewater lab. Inorganic Ventures is my #1 choice for standards. In fact, the calibration standards in my programs are named IV-19 and IV-7, followed by the concentration used.

Karen Blake - Montgomery, AL

Inorganic Ventures has always provided us with fast, reliable and friendly service during a time when great customer service is becoming the exception rather than the norm. The products we have received are good quality at a fair price. Thanks Inorganic Ventures!

Julie Dickerson - Largo, MD

In the past with our custom multi-element standards, the smallest volume that we could buy was 500 mL. Often these would expire or we would have to go through an expensive recertification process. Thanks to Inorganic Ventures flexing to my specs, I can now get smaller quantities of 125 mL. This saves us a lot of time and money!

Bruce Chelf - East Chicago, IN

We love Inorganic Ventures. Every time we need something, the staff that we deal with is so helpful and kind. It really seems that we are their most important customer at that time. Keep up the good work!

Randi Richey - Huntsville, AL

Inorganic Ventures' standards are extensively used for ICP analyses in our lab. We maintain a wide range of individual elements and a variety of mixed standards made by Inorganic Ventures, which have all performed very well. Your website also contains a wealth of information, which continues to expand. The articles by Dr. Paul Gaines are well written and very useful.

Lynn Schurter - Granville, OH

Inorganic Ventures provides my lab with reliable stock standards, as well as custom blended ICP standards. These standards always maintain their accuracy up to the stated expiration date. When ordering, I get quick service and short delivery time. We continue to order Inorganic Ventures' products because they are reliable and of the highest quality.

Richard M. Pachuta - Parma, OH

Quality of product is most important to our organization. Whether I'm performing assay work or trace metals analysis, I have never had problems with Inorganic Ventures' standards, both mixed and multi-element. The labeling of standards is also quite good. I also find your website most informative, from calculations to general information. Keep up the excellent work.

Jules Bitay - Morristown, NJ

I was trying to get a quote for an ICP-MS standard which contained about 40 elements. The response from Inorganic Ventures was precise and quick, much faster than other suppliers. And it was more affordable than others as well.

Hui Tan - University Park, PA

Inorganic Ventures takes great care of us. We have two custom multi-element blends made for us, and they are both very reliable. The one time we did question their product, their excellent technical support helped us to discover a problem with our own analysis.

Morgan Petty - Des Moines, IA

We needed a low-level conductivity standard at 2 umhos/cm. We contacted three other companies and they said they couldn't do it. After a discussion with Dr. Paul Gaines, the chemists at Inorganic Ventures made it happen. As a result, we now have a reliable, STABLE standard that we use every day.

Lisa M. Ramirez - Monrovia, CA

I came across your website while searching for ICP-OES information. I use an ICP-OES and this is the most interesting and helpful source I've found — far more so than my own ICP's manufacturing help. THANK YOU!!

Serena Culfeather - Winsford, U.K.

When quality counts, Inorganic Ventures delivers. Platinum and Palladium assays are on the line and your standards make all the difference.

William Sellers - Chickasaw, AL

Inorganic Ventures is always willing to meet my needs or specifications. They put the customer first and always produce quality products that meet or exceed my expectations.

Stephen Gahan - Covington, GA

Inorganic Ventures constantly flexes to our specs by supplying high quality standards. Their tech support for custom blends means that we can be confident in the lab analyzing our samples. Providing a quality product for our clients starts with having quality standards supplied by Inorganic Ventures.

William W. Nash - Santa Ana, CA

Because of our laboratory's broad calibration ranges, Inorganic Ventures has always been able to prepare wide-ranging calibration solutions for our particular operations. These customized solutions save us time and money and simplify our preparatory work considerably.

Mark Ellison - San Jose, CA

We are able to get two standards with over forty elements! This makes quantitating samples on our ICP-MS a breeze! Thanks Inorganic Ventures!

Dan Houghton - Diamond Bar, CA

Inorganic Ventures has always delivered prompt, reliable service. We know we can depend on them for high quality standards.

John Hook - Lancaster, PA

Inorganic ventures provided us with a customized standard that fit our testing needs. We needed a 9-element standard with varying concentrations. Inorganic Ventures' ability to do this meant we did not have to prepare it ourselves. It was inexpensive and reliable.

Michael Clark - Springfield, MO

I was given the task of developing a sample prep method for a unique suds suppressor material that consisted of a silicone sufactant adsorbed onto a silica particle. Inorganic Ventures' Dr. Gaines was very helpful and was willing to spend what I considered significant consultation time with me on the phone, which saved me a bundle of time researching information through other sources. This help was crucial to the method development in the required timing and made my job much easier.

Tim Mills - Cincinnati, OH

Inorganic Ventures always has what I need for Atomic Absorption and ICP. Their service is always spot-on and the integrity of the standards is unquestionable. Thanks for doing the very best.

John Thiel - Sparks, NV

Inorganic Ventures saves me time by preparing my standards for me! No more hassle of making my own with their custom blend services! Thanks!

Debbie Ballard - Fort Worth, TX

We appreciate Inorganic Ventures' immediate response to our orders. This attention to customer service helps keep our lab providing QC in a timely manner.

Chris Leaf - Kelso, WA

You flex to my specs in making custom standards consisting of many metals in smaller quantities so we can do metals analysis! It saves us time because we no longer have to make up standards with 27 elements one by one by one!

JoEllen Freida - Wilmington, DE

Inorganic Ventures does a wonderful job of flexing to my department's specs. They make accurate custom standards for us and they are always our first choice for custom standards.

Ellen Nasiatka - Westfield, MA

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