Over the last ten years, we have had a few problems with some second source vendors, but never from Inorganic Ventures. We actually have Inorganic Ventures' Declaration of Integrity hanging up on our bulletin board in our office as a reminder for ourselves to provide the highest quality of service. We wouldn't think of switching to another vendor.

— James Piper - Mechanicsburg, PA

Inorganic Ventures flexes to my specs by providing quality products time and time again. The quality of their service is also exceptional. There's always a "live" person when you call (very important!) and I always get a response to my inquiries either by phone or e-mail. With your level of quality in products and service, I think you've become the NORDSTROM of the "Standards" industry.

— Sally Gemora - Hayward, CA

When they say "We flex to your specs," they aren't kidding! Inorganic Ventures custom-made products for us that exceeded our expectations and were as well thought out, unique, and innovative as our mercury analyzers. And the cost was less than off-the-shelf products from their competitors!

— Philip Dufresne - Cleveland, OH

We appreciate the excellent service that we routinely get from Inorganic Ventures.  When standards have to absolutely be as accurate as humanly possible, we know we can count on Inorganic Ventures to make it right.

— Bob Pultz