Sulfur analysis in an ICP instrument

I have a question regarding sulfur analysis in an ICP instrument we have. We need to analyze H2S in a vapor phase, and we think we can capture the H2S as Na2S in a NaOH solution. Previously we ordered your sulfate standard.

My question: can we accurately measure sulfur concentration with a sulfide (S2-) analyte using a sulfate (SO42-) standard? Will the alkaline matrix of the analyte and the acidic matrix of the standards lead to an untenable error?

Using a sulfate standard for any sulfur compound is acceptable provided that the standards and samples are both pH>7.  Many sulfur compounds have a large enough vapor pressure to give a higher nebulization efficiency and thereby a false high signal.  Also beware that sulfide will slowly air oxidize to elemental sulfur in basic media which is not a problem so long as the elemental sulfur does not drop out of solution. Analyze the samples ASAP. Please feel free to call with any questions.

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