Analyzed Sulfur on filters with XRF

A customer has previously analyzed sulfur on filters with XRF. The instrument is now broken and beyond repair. Another lab will be responsible for producing the results but they use ICP. Because the other instrument is broken, there is no way to trace or compare the analytical results. They need to find a new method as accurate as possible and hope the results will correspond.

They are using a Millipore Cellulose filter where 1 ml AgNO3 solution has been added to the filter and then dried. The filter is placed in a chimney in order to detect leaks of SO3. Do you have any ideas on how to prepare and analyze the sulfur content as accurately as possible?

The filter can be combusted in an oxygen flask Schöniger Flask combustion). The sample is completely combusted in a small platinum basket placed in a 1 l E-flask made of quartz filled with oxygen. Absorbing solution is 25.0ml 10 mM NaOH solution in the bottom of the flask. The sulfur is combusted to sulfur oxides that wind up as sulfate sulfur (a little hydrogen peroxide added to the adsorbing solution will help assure this). The sulfur can be measured by IC or ICP depending upon preference. Hope this helps.

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