Measuring Chloride in Milk Using ICPMS

I was looking online for method for measuring chloride in milk using ICPMS.

Chloride has several very serious interferences by ICP-MS making its determination difficult at best. The 35Cl line is interfered with by 16O18O1H and 34S1H; and the 37Cl line is interfered with by 36Ar1H, and 36S1H. I have not been able to find any applications using ICP-MS for the determination of Chloride. The method that is suggested for this application is AOAC Official Method 986.26 where the Milk is dispersed with water and acidified and the soluble chlorides titrated potentiometrically with AgNO3. There are other non-official methods such are XRF, combustion/microcoulometric detection, and Ion Chromatography. Some applications have also been reported using ICP-OES but the instrument must be capable of going down to ~ 130 nm. At Inorganic Ventures, we use Ion Chromatography and ICP-OES.

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