Preventing Microbial Growth with Conductivity Standards: A Case Study

Experts in a wide cross-section of biomedical and life science industries have identified a critical need for preventing microbial growth in their standards. This is a cost-critical pain point that runs contrary to the high quality levels expected within laboratories – notwithstanding the expectations of regulators. At Inorganic Ventures, we have developed a novel solution for preventing bug growth in CRMs without resorting to expensive gamma ray treatment.

We have engineered a range of new-and-improved conductivity standards that address the concerns of bug growth in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical standards. Our cutting-edge CRMs promote longer systemic stability, preventing microbial growth entirely, thus eliminating the need for costly treatment methodologies.

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Read our case study on preventing microbial growth with conductivity standards if you would like to learn more about the additional benefits of a novel Inorganic Ventures solution. Or, contact a member of the team today with any queries.