Refine your Results. Redefine your Industry.



We are proud to unveil our new tagline: Refine your Results. Redefine your Industry.”


This revitalizing new tagline honors our foundational mission of producing the highest quality analytical inorganic standards, while building momentum in custom solutions and new applications. Our new identity reinforces our position as a global leader in manufacturing specialized Certified Reference Materials and gives us the opportunity to market our organization in pursuit of new ventures, growth and expansion.


This new brand position aligns with our recent endeavors. By refining processes in our own industry, we empower our customers to become leaders in theirs. We strive to bring the industry custom chemical mixtures, bulk manufacturing and high-purity solutions. We will excel in these areas while emphasizing our desire to educate the analytical community and offer specialized technical support every step of the way.


“The rebranding is part of our long-term strategy to evolve our business and create a platform for new opportunities,” said CEO Christopher Gaines. “Our refreshed identity reflects the company’s ongoing transformation over the last 35 years and the evolution of our elite manufacturing capabilities.”

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