Inorganic standards &
Custom reference materials

Certified Reference Materials manufactured by Inorganic Ventures

ISO Guide 34, "General Requirements for the Competence of Reference Materials Producers", establishes the stringent requirements that we must adhere to in the production of Certified Reference Materials. Our accreditation to ISO Guide 34 involves not only technical competence and good quality management practices, but incorporates the verification of critical production criteria specific to reference material producers. Inorganic Ventures has been accredited to ISO Guide 34 longer than any other inorganic standards manufacturer.

Unless otherwise specified, chromium is present in our products as chromium (III).


3546 PH-9.18-500ML pH 9.18 Standard 500 mL
3547 PH-9.18-1L pH 9.18 Standard 1 L
3548 PH-9.18-4L pH 9.18 Standard 4 L
3549 PH-9.18-10L pH 9.18 Standard 10L
2251 QCP-PH-20ML pH Standard for QC 20 mL