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EPA Standards

EPA Standards for Ion Chromatography

The Clean Water Act (1972) and the Safe Drinking Water Act (1974) established guidelines and methods for regulating water quality standards in surface waters and drinking water. EPA Methods related to the use of ion chromatography (IC) for the testing of inorganic anions such a fluoride, chloride, nitrite, bromide, nitrate, orthophosphate, sulfate, etc. are listed below.

All EPA Standards by Inorganic Ventures are NIST-traceable, use high-purity starting materials, and are produced in accordance with our stringent Quality Assurance guidelines.


Standards you can trust

We use NIST Standard Reference Materials (SRM and lot number specified on the certificate) for calibration and direct comparison.

We have detailed Error Budgets that define the errors used in determining the uncertainty, giving us a unique value for each lot of material.

We use ICP and ICP-MS to check the purity of all CRMs. Protocols are prepared for all new starting materials. We perform purifications and chemical modifications as required to meet predefined quality specifications.

We use two independent validated assay methods that are performed with a reliable QC standard.

Stable & Compatible
We've conducted stability studies on all standards, including blends. Compatibility and stability have been demonstrated and fully documented.