Sample Preparation - Dissolving Rh with Sodium Perchlorate

I recently asked a question about dissolving Rh and now want to try one of the methods with sodium perchlorate. The bottle i have says to store and handle under inert gas and this wasn't mentioned in the method. Can you give me anymore information about moving forward with this procedure? I am wanting to dissolve a 1 gram sample. How much HCL and how much Sodium Perchlorate should be added?
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Brian Alexander, PhD Total posts: 16

The literature sources generally stem from work reported in the Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards (Vol. 33, Research Paper RP1614 (1944)), and also summarized in The Analytical Chemistry of the Noble Metals by F. E. Beamish (1966). The HCl and sodium perchlorate approach permits some latitude regarding reagent amounts, and generally speaking 1 gram of metal requires 10-20 mL of concentrated HCl and 0.4 - 0.8 grams of sodium perchlorate (higher amounts for lower atomic weight metals, e.g., rhodium). Note that these literature methods suggest sealed glass tubes for carrying out the reaction as chlorine is produced, and it's not clear if an open container digestion would be suitable or appropriate.

Posted: 02/10/20 12:53:59

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