Measurement and Results - Elemental Impurities in Sodium Hydroxide

Test of elemental impurities in sodium hydroxide pellets according to ICH Q3D.
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Dale Velasquez Total posts: 1

Need to do more research! Thanks



Posted: 10/01/19 08:05:53
Josef Walser Total posts: 1


I wanna analyze elemental impurities in sodium hydroxide pellets for pharmaceutical industry via ICP-MS (NexION 350XX). But I have too high recoveries for some elements.

I dilute pistilled sodium hydroxide in water, acidify with nitric acid and spike with a multi-element standard, containing for example mercury, arsenic, lead, molybdenum and tungsten.

I result recoveries for 202Hg of 150 %, 75As 150 % and 182W 200 %. Other elements like lead, iron, zinc or copper have good recoveries.

Do you know where the problem is and what to do to get better results?

Posted: 09/05/19 07:39:41

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