General Spectroscopy - Photometry and spectroscopy using IRAF and Pyraf

I have some large amount of fits files which I have to reduce(bias, flat, dark, and removal of cosmics) and then do photometry(both aperture and psf) and spectroscopy ( I know all the stuff of how to use iraf and do photometry and spectroscopy. I want to write some script in python which can automate the stuff to a reasonable extent. Can anyone suggest me some website or way how to write some script (in python) using iraf tasks like daophot , apall, apphot, imexam etc. so that I can do my work relatively faster.
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Brian Alexander, PhD Total posts: 16

Thank you for the interesting question. Unfortunately, our core expertise lies in the analytical aspects of spectroscopy and chemistry, and not in the realm of automated data processing or programming in Python. We suspect a careful web search will result in various services and websites that would be more suitable for fulfilling your request.

Posted: 12/03/19 12:35:29

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