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I'll buy a new ICP-OES, I am going to use it mainly for analysis of drinking water, groundwater, sediments and soils, which brand and which model would you recommend?Kind RegardsHarry
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In fact, you need a portable analyzer. Without it, nothing will work. It has to be understood. It's also good that my friends helped me and told me where and how to find it. For example, you can also think about it and look at , I have found a normal analyzer of professional value. It helped me a lot with the definition of certain substances in another substance. Very useful and still inexpensive in comparison. I hope it will be useful.

Posted: 10/24/20 11:54:39
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All of the major ICP-OES manufacturers produce high quality instruments that could be suitable for you purposes. Due to this, and as a matter of general policy, we do not recommend or endorse any specific instrument manufacturer or model. One useful approach is that most, if not all, of the established ICP manufacturers will analyze your various sample types as a courtesy, and this practice can be helpful in determining the best ICP for your specific needs.

Posted: 07/18/18 14:38:55

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