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Hi, we have an ICP-MS 7800 and was running normally until a routine service was done. Nebulizer and chamber were cleaned by following Agilent Instructions. When we started the instrument an error appeared indicating poor sensitivity. We prepared new tune solution (1ppb) and check masses, but the problem persist. No leaks were detected. Your guidance will be appreciated.
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JUAN CUBA Total posts: 3

Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate it. We will resemble the sample introduction system. 

Posted: 02/06/20 16:06:56
Thomas Kozikowski Total posts: 2

I would recommend taking apart all of the introduction system parts and reassemble them.  It's possible there is a small leak somewhere that you just aren't able to detect.  Readjusting the cones, torch, spray chamber, nebulizer and peristaltic pump tubing might fix your sensitivity issues.  If not, my next step would be to back flush the nebulizer with lots of DI water.  It's possible there is a little dust or debris causing the nebulizer to underperform.  If sensitivity issues persist, contact Agilent to determine if something more major is causing poor sensitivity.

Posted: 02/06/20 14:23:07

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