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Location:  Group 14, Period 6
Atomic Weight:  207.2
Coordination Number:  6
Chemical Form in Solution:  Pb(H2O)6+2

Storage & Handling:  Keep tightly sealed when not in use. Store and use at 20 ± 4°C. Do not pipet from container. Do not return portions removed for pipetting to container.

Chemical Compatibility:  Soluble in HCl, HF, and HNO3. Avoid H2SO4. Stable with most metals and inorganic anions forming insoluble carbonate, borate, sulfate, sulfite, sulfide, phosphate, oxalate, chromate, tannate, iodate, and cyanide in neutral aqueous media.

Stability:  2-100 ppb levels stable for months in 1% HNO3 / LDPE container. 1-10,000 ppm solutions chemically stable for years in 2-5% HNO3 / LDPE container.

Pb Containing Samples (Preparation & Solution):  Metal (best dissolved in 1:1 H2O / HNO3); Oxides (the many different Pb oxides are soluble in HNO3, with the exception of PbO2 which is soluble in HCl or HF); Ores and Alloys (best attacked using 1:1 H2O / HNO3); Organic Matrices (dry ash and dissolve in dilute HCl. Do not heat when dissolving to avoid precipitation of SiO2).

Atomic Spectroscopic Information:
Technique / LineEstimated D.L.*OrderTypeInterferences
ICP-OES 168.215 nm0.03/.003 µg/mL1ionCo
ICP-OES 220.353 nm0.04/.006 µg/mL1ionBi, Nb
ICP-OES 217.000 nm0.09/.03 µg/mL1atomW, Ir, Hf, Sb, Th
ICP-MS 208 amu5 pptn/aM+192Pt16O, 192Os16O
*ICP-OES D.L.'s are given as radial / axial view

Lead (Pb) Single-Element Standard
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