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Celebrating 30 Years


30 Years of Family

Inorganic Ventures 30 Year Timeline

Inorganic Ventures, a family-owned and operated business, is proud to celebrate 30 years of making a higher class of inorganic standards for markets worldwide. CEO Dr. Paul Gaines notes that success in business is all about building relationships. "In a family where the relationships are strong, that also makes for a successful business," says Paul.

Paul partnered with Inorganic Ventures' original founder, Mitch Dolobowsky, in 1989. Paul established a dedicated manufacturing laboratory (known as IV Labs) to exclusively make Inorganic Ventures' products. In 1997, Paul's wife Linda joined the team and would eventually become the company's CFO. Later that same year, Paul asked Linda's son, Michael Scott, to work for the company as VPO. Mike did much to improve the organization's workflow. On family business, Mike fondly stated, "It's good to spend time together."

In 2000, Paul's son Christopher, a recent college graduate with skills in sales and marketing, was asked to strengthen customer relations and help tap into new business opportunities. Chris stated that communication is paramount when working with family. "It took a long time and we're still working on it. But in the process, I think we've become more successful at it and it's made us closer as a family."

Photo shoot for 2003 advertisement
Photo shoot for 2003 advertisement

Linda best summarized the key to Inorganic Ventures' success: "Because we have gifts and talents in different areas, all of us have been able to bring something to the table. Between the four of us, we've been able to come up with some great ways to move the company forward."

Those gifts and talents of Inorganic Ventures' owners also apply to their extended family of more than 40 employees. Every individual, from chemists in the lab to our receptionist in the lobby, works hard to deliver a quality product to every Inorganic Ventures customer. We've been flexing to your specs for 30 years, and we're not about to stop.

Thank You

We'd like to offer you our sincerest thanks. We couldn't have made it 30 years without customers like you. You're the reason we're here.