Custom Atomic Absorption Standards

Unless otherwise specified, chromium is present in our products as chromium (III).

Custom standards are Inorganic Ventures' specialty. Our catalog reveals only a fraction of the inorganic reference materials we can prepare. More than two thirds of our business is devoted entirely to preparing custom standards. As the leading manufacturer of custom inorganic standards, we've produced tens of thousands of unique blends for laboratories worldwide. It's our area of expertise, and perhaps the most prominent way in which we flex to your specs.

Need a quote on an existing standard?
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Our specialization in custom blending means faster service, without sacrificing quality. Our experienced technicians can identify stability and compatibility issues before production even begins. Almost every custom standard we make can be prepared, certified and shipped in 5 - 10 business days or less. And when you need it even faster, tell us. RUSH manufacturing is available for those times when a fast turn-around is required.


Since 1999, our tri-tier ISO quality system has ensured that every standard we make is engineered to be stable, compatible and easy to use. These international accreditations guarantee that you're receiving a true Certified Reference Material.

  • ISO Guide 34 ensures the reliability of our reference materials.
  • ISO 17025 ensures the competency of our laboratory.
  • ISO 9001 ensures the quality of our services.

Can you put a price on confidence?

Precision and accuracy in testing is the key to your business. Everything you have built - your client base, reputation and revenue streams - depend on the credibility of your results. Don't expose yourself or your business to unnecessary risk! Protect your investment with custom CRMs from Inorganic Ventures.

An Insurance Policy you will actually use.

Buying a custom CRM from Inorganic Ventures is the most valuable insurance policy you will ever buy. Our expert chemists save you time and resources required to prepare your own laboratory standards. All Inorganic Ventures' CRMs are tested for stability and validated through a rigorous quality control process to ensure accuracy. All regulatory documentation and associated paperwork is handled for you and immediately available when you face an audit.

Buy in bulk. Control your costs and your expiration date with TCT!

We're happy to manufacture nearly any solution in bulk quantities. This prevents the need for repeat labor, which in turn saves you money. Because all of our products are packaged and shipped using Transpiration Control Technology, your custom solution arrives with a four-year shelf life, regardless of shipping or storage conditions. The one-year expiration clock starts when you open the bag, so order with confidence and never worry about running out of your custom standard again!