Inorganic standards &
Custom reference materials

Industry-leading innovation now customized. 

Introducing Custom Stock! 

Thanks to TCT, your custom standard can always
be in stock.

Transpiration Control Technology (TCT) puts you in control of the expiration date. Do not open the TCT bag until you are ready to use the product. TCT extends the shelf life of your custom standard by up to three years without compromising accuracy, which means we can ship Stock Customs on the same day. The one-year expiration date doesn’t start until you open the bag.

Benefits to you.

Inventory Innovation

Stock Custom Standards packaged in TCT enjoy an increased shelf life of up to three years, simplifying inventory control and saving you money.

Same-Day Shipping

Don’t play the waiting game for custom CRMs. With TCT, we can ship Stock Customs on the same day.

Larger Lots, Lower Costs

With shelf life concerns all but eliminated, you can order large custom lots at lower prices.

Peace of Mind

Our customs go through rigorous stability and compatibility programs to ensure consistent performance for the life of the standard.

About TCT

After 20 years of data gathering and careful research, we are proud to unveil Transpiration Control Technology (TCT), a new packaging system that drastically extends the shelf life of our standard CRMs. 

With TCT, concerns about shipping or storage conditions are eliminated, as transpiration is no longer an issue, which saves you money and simplifies research by removing the need to constantly inventory and restock CRMs.

What is Transpiration?

Transpiration refers to the passage of water vapor through the walls of a container and/or evaporation from the container opening. Transpiration results in an increase in the concentration of the CRM/RM.

What is the solution?

Transpiration Control Technology extends the shelf-life of the product. Inorganic Ventures uses a specially designed aluminized bag that prevents an increase in concentration of the CRM/RM until the TCT bag is opened. 

TCT bagHow it works.

The cornerstone of the scientific community is accuracy. That’s why Inorganic Ventures has always been committed to producing the industry’s most exact Certified Reference Materials.

But our control…and the control of every standard manufacturer…ends shortly after a standard is calibrated and packaged. We are improving the way we deliver our quality standards. The sealed TCT bag stops the loss of water vapor from the bottle when equilibrium is reached inside the bag.

Has the product changed?

The product has not changed, it is the same high-quality product you have come to depend on from Inorganic Ventures.  It is the same but only better. TCT is an investment we are making to extend shelf-life and give you more control at no extra charge. Our products and unconditional guarantee remain the same.


Click here to read information regarding the expiration of Inorganic Ventures certified reference materials (CRMs) packaged using Transpiration Control Technology.

Transpiration Control Technology explained.

TCT Infographic
TCT Infographic
TCT Infographic
TCT Infographic
TCT Infographic
TCT Infographic
TCT Infographic


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